Mount Kelvin Cloud API

A brief introduction to the Mount Kelvin 3.0 Cloud API

The Mount Kelvin API uses API keys to authenticate requests. You can view and manage your API keys in the Mount Kelvin Fleet Manager.

Provide your API key as header Authorization: Bearer 7b1mX9SrgQy...MPEPZrf6IY.


The examples are illustrated using the following command-line tools:

Site group

Listing site groups

To get list of available site groups:

curl -s -H 'authorization: Bearer 7b1mX9SrgQy' \
  | jq '.[] | {id, name}'

The response is the list of site groups. API keys have access only to single site group.

In following examples siteGroupId is an id of the selected group.

Getting site group

To get the site group by siteGroupId:

curl -s -H 'authorization: Bearer 7b1mX9SrgQy'<siteGroupId>

The response is the site group description including list of member sites.

Site group members

To list the member, do

curl -s -H 'authorization: Bearer 7b1mX9SrgQy'<siteGroupId> \
  | jq '.members[] | {id, roomNumber}'

Working with single sites

Select siteId from the members list and use it with Site API.